Home Of The Obligatory Witty Monologue... A long time LEGO fan with a lot more ‘to build’ than ‘built’... But still trying! I’ve built with Lego all my life and struggle to remember owning any other toy while I was growing up, but my love of the brick grew to a whole new level when I discovered the online Lego community in 2001.  Since then I’ve always tried to maintain a presence. I can be found at Lugnet, EuroBricks (I’m “Norro”), Classic-Castle (still “Norro”), and generally anywhere Lego is being discussed I’ll be at least browsing.  Beyond the brick, and possibly even before it : ) I’m studying Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast (located  in a position of global prominence in Northern Ireland). And can often be found enjoying, or preferably dominating the midfield of, a good football match. Aside from that I enjoy a good bit of ‘craic’ (Irish word for banter) and would treat you to a drink on just about any subject as long as  you’re not offended by a healthy dose of cynicism. Topics of particular interest include: ...sorry lost my train of thought. Anything else? Yes that is me in the picture, it was taken a few years back at the Giant’s Causeway and the reason I’m so small is because I’m far away (Obligatory Father Ted reference). What is Father Ted? One of the best comedies ever filmed, well worth seeing for yourself... Leaving all the trifling details aside I really have nothing to boast about and can only take joy in being a part (albeit a very small one) of God’s amazingly detailed model. If only I could build something so complete or spin a yarn nearly as gripping!  Cheers and God Bless, NT  Random Facts:
My faviourite Lego set	6066, Lugnet member number	1963, People who have read this	3, Model I consider ‘complete’  0 Home Giant's Causeway Giant's Causeway Lugnet.com Classic-Castle.com EuroBricks.com

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