Help at Hand

First the personal issues ; )

How much Lego do you actually have?

A lot! I’ve been collecting since I was 5... and I’m still usually one piece short whatever I’m building.

Do those models come with instructions?

No, they’re each individually custom designed by me.

Do you have too much free time on your hands?

You should see the things I have planned for when I DO have some free time...

Mac/PC? Pepsi/Coke?

Pepsi and a Mac... though I would never turn down an RC or Club Orange.

Why Norro?

Long story...

General Lego

What does _ _ _ _ stand for?

Actually that is just a series of underscores, but if you were wondering about an acronym check this great guide (from Lugnet).

Where can I talk about Lego/ask questions/meet more interesting Lego builders?

Check out my Links page.

What is the greatest Lego set of all time?

It has to be 6066 Camouflaged Outpost but opinion varies.

What is wrong with ‘Space’?

Castle, Castle, Castle, Castle...

Is every part you use genuine Lego?

Every part used in my models is a genuine Lego element. Some are rare, some are very old, a few were only given a limited distribution. So you may not recognize all of them, but Lego would!