Entrance to the Caves See the model... See the Story...

Every Legend Begins With A Little Greed... This One Begins With A Lot...  Tis A Tale Of Two Brothers; One Wise, And The Other Foolish... Foolish Enough To Believe A Traveler’s Tale Of A Vast Treasure Horde... Nine Chests, Of Such Bountiful Wealth That They Could Only Be Transported By A Solid Stone Cart, Buried Deep In A Secret Shaft Of A Lost Mine, Whose Owners Had Been Overtaken By A Terrible Fate... Two Long Years Without Word Passed, And Then The Eight Greatest Warriors Of The Clan Set Out With Their Chieftain To Find The Lost Mine. For A Brother Is A Brother, No Matter How Foolish... A MOCtale* Part One....                                              *A MOCTale Is A Tale Told Through MOCs Of Its Pivotal Scenes	Nathan Todd Norro

Entrance to the Caves