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Turbo’s Brick Techniques... Round Tower	After quite a few attempts, we can finally present a genuinely curved tower. Using 2 x 4 wedge bricks stacked alternately and then interlocked in columns. The greatest feature is the slight overhang, which gives the tower a texture similar to cut stone... see this in the context of a new model...

6055 Prisoner Convoy	The Thoughts of the serene Norro: ...in under a word per brick... The original calvary expansion pack. Five horses, three knights, and a pesky peasant/rebel. This set was not only playable, but also featured a creative build, utilizing only fairly standard pieces. Really excellent, especially for the small size. I wish there were more expansion sets as varied as this one today... Year: 1985  Elements: 112   Figs: 4  Lugnet score (out of 100): 73   Review # 12 Guest Minifig Comments: Panting, running, caught again, escape again... etc. These simple play scenarios are very wearisome for the innocent peasants like myself... Now if only they had given me a pitchfork... Resources: Comments from Lugnet members,Instructions (courtesy of Peeron), Inventory (courtesy of Peeron) Comments from Lugnet members Instructions from Peeron Inventory from Peeron


Joe is exhausted, finding 2009 castle pictures seems to be harder than in the past.  But over on Brick Horizon they’re discussing a few...

6071 Forestmen’s Crossing	The Thoughts of the conciliatory Norro: ...in under a word per brick... It’s all about one woman. True love. Have you seen the forest babe? There was a time when there wasn’t a fig to compare with her. And although Lego recently paid tribute with a dark green rag hat, there is still only the precious one in green. Aside from her this set was still a notable addition to the forestmen line, featuring the black cloaked leader, a nifty hidden bridge, tiny stream (unique printed baseplate) and a hidden treasure chest... not to mention the brown ladder. The only lingering complaint is that when aligning two of these bases the stream doesn’t connect smoothly, a one dot overhang is left... Year: 1990  Elements: 203   Figs: 5  list Price: $28.50 (USD)   Lugnet score (out of 100): 84   Review # 11 Guest Minifig Comments: That’s me with the treasure. The brilliantly dashing -and somewhat rare- black coloured forestman. It’s quite a set up I have here, my own horse, toll bridge, a few cronies, and a beautiful female companion, not even a solitary knight thrown in to cause trouble. Now if only some ijeet hadn’t decided to pre print the first step of the instructions onto the baseplate, I’d be able to start on my renovation project. I heard Robin got himself some tower in a lake... Resources: Comments from Lugnet members, Instructions (courtesy of Peeron),Inventory (courtesy of Peeron) Comments from Lugnet members Instructions from Peeron Inventory from Peeron




See it in context... 09 Castle