6055 Prisoner Convoy	The Thoughts of the serene Norro: ...in under a word per brick... The original calvary expansion pack. Five horses, three knights, and a pesky peasant/rebel. This set was not only playable, but also featured a creative build, utilizing only fairly standard pieces. Really excellent, especially for the small size. I wish there were more expansion sets as varied as this one today... Year: 1985  Elements: 112   Figs: 4  Lugnet score (out of 100): 73   Review # 12 Guest Minifig Comments: Panting, running, caught again, escape again... etc. These simple play scenarios are very wearisome for the innocent peasants like myself... Now if only they had given me a pitchfork... Resources: Comments from Lugnet members,Instructions (courtesy of Peeron), Inventory (courtesy of Peeron) Comments from Lugnet members Instructions from Peeron Inventory from Peeron

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