6044 King's Carriage, Year: 1995, Elements: 120, Figs: 4, list Price: $16.50 (USD), Lugnet score (out of 100): 75, Review #: 9  The Thoughts of the legendary Norro: ...in under a word per brick... For some reason this set was released later then the other Royal Knight sets in my area. As a result I looked forward to it eagerly (since I had so enjoyed the other sets) and perhaps spoiled the set with too high of expectations... The figs are great and so is the concept but the carriage only looks good from certain angles and could use a few more pieces to 'bulk' it up. Perhaps the bounty of figs had made it hard to keep the set in its target price range, as it is, it came out at an odd price point. One other notable is the inclusion of a cloth flag in a smaller set.
  Guest Minifig Comments: There I am being knighted! Who the man, err knight?! The discomfort of having my legs put on backwards was worth it. The only downside is that once I get back up you won't be able to tell me apart from the other soldiers in the set... I suppose that's what makes us an 'army builder'. It is also nice to be included in such a unique box scene. I'll be a legend...  Resources: Comments from Lugnet members, Instructions courtesy of peeron, inventory courtesy of peeron Comments Instructions

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