6079 Dark Forest Fortress, Year: 1996, Elements: 461, Figs: 7, list Price: $50+ (USD), Lugnet score (out of 100): 82, Review #: 3  The Thoughts of the scintillating Norro: ...in under a word per brick... In my mind this set always promised a lot and delivered very little. I was incredibly excited upon the return of forestmen and now, with the option of brown trees, the sky seemed the limit. Then they released this as the 'big set' and with a hefty price tag to boot. It looks (and is) jumbled, like a team of designers trying to do different things cooperated very poorly and then at the very end of the design process someone said 'and stick it on this new base, that's the selling point...'  All my complaining aside this is one of the best ever spare parts sets, featuring 12 brown corner wall pieces, a lot of foliage, some new (and decent figs) and a rather neat base plate. It also had the added attraction of an interesting looking, rather vulnerable cart foolishly passing through bandit country. But unfortunately this is also one of those sets where lego let themselves down continuity wise. The knights are two dragon knights (by this time obsolete) and one is holding a black knight shield (sacrilege to an ardent fan like myself). All in all I would be a lot more positive if I could pick up several cheap copies today...  Guest Minifig Comments: No, I can't explain it either. That is me standing next to the catapult apparently about to fire on my own fellow knight from the safety of the woodsmen's 'fortress'. What am I thinking? I must have been lured into believing this wasn't a hideout by the obvious nature of the stables/buildings and the corniness of the falling tree.... Nice ladder catapult design though, very original, if you can say that about a catapult in a lego set...  Resources: Comments from Lugnet members, Instructions courtesy of peeron, inventory courtesy of peeron Comments Instructions

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