6085 Black Monarch's Castle, Year: 1988, Elements: 665, Figs: 12, list Price: $68 (USD), Lugnet score (out of 100): 91, Review #: 8  The Thoughts of the legendary Norro: ...in under a word per brick... The first black Castle had quite an imposing presence. Initially it looks as if the switch to black has lessened the attention to detail, but after building it you realize it is one of the most detailed castles yet produced. MOCers will love the numerous inverted grey slopes that hold up the battlements and army builders can appreciate the 12 chain mail/ plate armour figs, all of which lack a limiting printed allegiance. As well as conforming to the 80's modular standard the pieces also offer potential for a great variety of MOCs in the original spirit of Lego.   Guest Minifig Comments: Yep that's me... cranking the *&£% wheel that operates the drawbridge. 'What do we need a drawbridge for? We don't have a moat or even a hill....' I said but they just told me to use my imagination and get back to work... Great gatehouse all the same though.  Resources: Comments from Lugnet members, Instructions courtesy of peeron, inventory courtesy of peeron Comments Instructions

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