Time to pay tribute to a true legend, 6991 Monorail Transport Base, Lugnet Score (out of 100): 90, List Price: $178 (USD), Elements: 568, Year: 1994, Figs: 4, Having finally obtained this masterpiece, after years of saving, I was shocked not to have my own high expectations disappointed. But she is a true beauty. From the colour combination, the range and scope of the layout, the fun working features, and the underlying solid build, there is just so much to enjoy... The monorail switches, and direction controls are also delightful examples of complex simplicity. I hope to be building monorail layouts of my own in the future, and that is the ultimate test of any Lego set, whether or not it inspires... Resources: Comments from Lugnet members, Instructions courtesy of peeron, inventory courtesy of peeron Comments Inventory Instructions

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