Contemporary Review: 7707 Striking Venom, Year: 2006, Elements: 646, Figs: 0 (7 robots), List Price: $50 (USD), Lugnet Score (out of 100): 82	Intriguing, yet sterile. Exoforce is rarely a pre-meditated purchase, but this set, on sale, was an overwhelming impulse that proved to be well worth the money.	Pure looks, complimented by an eclectic, but far from useless, parts palette make this a great addition to any collection. The giant click hinges which constrain the legs (8 included) are worth a special note. They should prove very useful... A plethora of robots, some dark green, and trans-smoke cockpits round out the list of highlights. Happy building!	Resources: Comments from Lugnet members, Instructions on, inventory courtesy of peeron

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